Hello and welcome to our video production studio. This place was a dream that I had as a 20 year old. That dream was to have a space where creative people could be located in one place to build communication tools for business, entertainment and personal projects. I named the first studio Image Consortium Studios in 1970. Photography, graphic arts, and the new industry of video all in one place. Well that pipe dream lasted for 1 year and I had to move on to reality and make money doing what I love.
Well I did that and became pretty successful doing it as well. Many firsts came from the production company I started in 1972. But now it’s time to hand over the keys to the new generation of communicators and let them solve the communications needs of business, entertainment and personal projects all in this great place to work, called Image Ave Studios.
There are multiple companies here all ready to hand you the best project served on a silver platter.

The customer is alway satisfied with what we are able to do because there are enough different specialties all located here within 10 feet of each other.

In Phoenix, Arizona, there are only a few good production studios and we are proud to be one of them. Voted number one in Arizona for customer satisfaction four years in a row gives us the bragging rights to say WE can do anything you want here and it will be the best in Arizona. Guaranteed.

Image Ave Studios is your premier video production team experienced in the many various aspects of video production.

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