Its not About Us- It is about you

Image Ave Studios is a 8,000 sq. ft. facility with everything you need to create anything you want to create for your organization or business.
IAS is open to other production companies needing to shoot or use the equipment. We have 9 HD cameras, 50 Arri lights, a lighting grid with lighting board, LED lights,grip equipment, 2 booms/jibs, dollies etc.
One company is currently creating TV spots and web spots for a national firm.
We seem to be doing many projects for the East coast.
Projects are all interesting and with the joy to create the best for the client..
We work with many production companies helping them do the same…
We love what we do for our clients and other production companies..
Image Ave Inc. was created in 1988 by Randy Kobler and myself for the purpose of creating informercial TV shows, i.e., selling products on TV.
We were …I should say he was ahead of his time. Way before the informercial craze that came 5 years later.
We lacked the funds to air the first show called Image Avenue-Products for home.
Randy went on to work with another form of AV biz and I continued with Video Media Productions, the company I officially started in 1975.
I semi-retired in 06… and later had the opportunity to buy these studios in the East Valley in 09.
So we named it Image Ave Studios..
In one way Image Ave is over 24 years old and it’s only 4 years at the same time.

The Studio is located off of Country Club basically in Chandler Arizona. 8,000 sq. ft building with studio taking up over half. Talent/Make up room for relaxing before the shoot and large spaces for shooting , Full light grid and ample lighting to almost any project.
Owned by Visual Communications Inc. 39 years + in Arizona producing communication tools, National and Local TV shows.

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